NBA GMs: There’s “No Chance” LiAngelo Ball Gets Drafted In June


(Photo: Getty Images)

After recording one steal and nothing else, LiAngelo Ball is no longer a member of the UCLA basketball program. He’s been pulled from the school apparently at the behest of father LaVar Ball, who’s unhappy that his middle son was suspended by the school following his house arrest for shoplifting in China.

According to LaVar, whose eldest son Lonzo Ball has been collecting bricks for the Big Baller Mansion during his rookie season with the Los Angeles Lakers, LiAngelo will instead focus on preparing for the NBA draft.

There’s just one problem: No one associated with the NBA thinks LiAngelo, long believed to be the lesser of the three Ball brothers as far as basketball talent goes, thinks he has any shot at getting drafted.

This shouldn’t be all that surprising—freshman LiAngelo is an inch shorter than big brother Lonzo, at 6’5″, lacks the point guard skills that make Lonzo an intriguing prospect, and is equipped with the same janky jumper.

LaVar might be preparing for the fact that only one of his sons will play in the NBA. He’s already pulled 16-year-old LaMelo out of high school, and has expressed their availability to teams overseas.