This LiAngelo Ball Workout Video Is All You Need To Know About Why The Lakers Rejected Him

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

LaVar Ball threatened to pull Lonzo Ball off the Lakers if they didn’t add his far less talented brother.

The franchise has called the insufferable sports dad’s bluff.

Like every other team, the Lakers didn’t put a second thought into drafting LiAngelo, the middle Ball brother who wasn’t even a four-star recruit heading into his short-lived UCLA career.

Now, after a workout with the team, the Lakers have informed the Balls that LiAngelo isn’t even good enough to play for their summer league squad.

Sure, they wanted to avoid more contact with a man so annoying the franchise instituted new rules to shut him up.

But mostly, LiAngelo just isn’t as talented as his older brother.

This video from his pre-draft workout reveals just how far removed from NBA talent LiAngelo is.

He shot OK from the college three-point line. Then LiAngelo, who’s advertised as a shooter, stepped out to NBA range, where he went 8-of-23 in this drill, capping things off by hitting the side of the backboard.

Here, he missed the rim entirely.

As far as humans go, LiAngelo is a good basketball player; good enough to contribute to a professional team in Lithuania. But there’s a cavernous gap between that and even sniffing an NBA roster.

Not that they were ever seriously considering LiAngelo, but good call, Lakers.