Local News Reporter Gets To Interview Klay Thompson About Scaffolding Randomly

Joe Welkie
Local News Reporter Interviewed Klay Thompson
(Photo: Local News Reporter Interviewed Klay Thompson)

We’ve all seen man-on-the-street interviews. They are usually pretty ho-hum affairs with not a lot going on. But sometimes, you randomly get gold from the person you’re interviewing. Whether it be because they are just an insane person, or in this case because the person being interviewed is incredibly famous. That’s right, a local NYC news reporter interviewed Kay Thompson about a building’s scaffolding as if he isn’t an NBA All-Star with the Golden State Warriors.

I can’t really tell if the reporter knew who Thompson was and just played it off like it was nothing, or if this was a hilarious pre-planned interview thing. Either way, he got a ton of viewers to check out WTTG-TV’s epic interview.

I suppose they realized it was Klay after the fact since he is listed as “NBA Player” but still, it’s hilarious to see a world-famous basketball star getting interviewed about scaffolding like he’s a regular Joe like all of us. Who knew a man that’s 6-feet-7-inches would have such insight about a subject as dumb and boring as building scaffolding.

I’d like to see more of this. NBA Players, start giving more ridiculously dumb interviews.