Lonzo Ball Drops Terrible Rap Single About Brother LaMelo Ball’s Shoes

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

The best part about rap is it allows an individual all the time and space he or she needs to express themselves on any topic they see fit.

So the subject of Lonzo Ball‘s first rap single should come as no surprise, because his family seems pretty obsessed with it: shoes.

But his verses on the track aren’t just about any shoes—they’re about his little brother LaMelo‘s new Big Baller Brand shoes, the first signature kicks ever for a high school player, which would be an impressive feat if they weren’t essentially made by his dad.

Get the pause button ready, it’s that cringeworthy. 

Thankfully Zo didn’t have enough rhymes to make the song last longer than two and a half minutes.

Here are some choice lyric samplings (courtesy of Genius), in case you’re allergic to rappers with little flow to speak of and thus can’t bear to listen:

See my little brother?

He just doing him

You can check the ‘Gram, he got a million fans

Got his brothers, he don’t need no friends

He’s swagged out, he a walking gym

Then he focuses his rhymes on the shoes. The track is called “Melo 1” after all.

Melo dip, and the Lamb dippin’

Got his own shoe, ‘cos it’s only fitting

Big Baller Brand, yeah we do it different

This was all part of Big Baller’s vision

He the youngest to do it

I’m rappin’, he hoopin’

I’m passing, he shootin’

The game, we polluting

We rap in the moment

We not with the losing

We ready for war, we Triple B troopers

The song debuted as part of an exclusive video SLAM created to unveil Big Baller Brand’s MB1s.