Lonzo Ball Doesn’t Even Wear His Own Signature $495 Shoes in Lakers Workout

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

The ZO2 shoe, the signature kicks of likely No. 2 overall draft pick Lonzo Ball, is apparently so exclusive, so hard to get your hands on, that even Lonzo can’t get a pair.

Either that, or he just likes James Harden’s Adidas Vol. 1 “Disruptor” kicks a lot more—because Ball wore those, not his own signature shoe, during his pre-draft workout for the Los Angeles Lakers.

When Lonzo and his shameless hype man of a dad, LaVar Ball, “dropped” the sneakers in May, their release came with two caveats—one, the unbelievable $495 price tag, and two, that the shoes wouldn’t be available until November.

It would appear that the shoe featured in the ZO2 commercial was a prototype not yet ready for in-game action, which explains why all the shots of him playing basketball in the commercial conveniently cut his feet out of the frame.

The Lakers, armed with the second overall pick in the upcoming draft, put Ball through extended shooting drills to get a good look at the hideous form on his jump shot, which was effective in college, converting at a 41.2 percent clip on more than five attempts per game.

“As long as it works,” Ball said of his jumper, noting that he doesn’t intend to change his form unless the shot fails at the next level.

“They need a leader,” Ball said of the young Lakers. “They need a point guard. I feel like I can fill that hole.”

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