Damn, This Is Some God-Level Baserunning By Lorenzo Cain

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

Lorenzo Cain is having a career year for the Brewers.

But for arguably his best play of the season, he reached back into his mind for something he’d picked up during his days in Kansas City.

After Cubs infielder Javier Baez snagged a Cain grounder up the middle, Brewers outfielder Christian Yelich found himself in a pickle between second and third.

Utilizing wizardry — that, or just really, really heads-up baserunning — Cain directed his teammate so that they could both reach base safely.

That’s Cubs pitcher Tyler Chatwood holding the rock when things go to crap.

Seeing Cain by second base, the pitcher assumed both players would end up at the bag, in which case the second guy on the base would be out.

But Cain wisely never touched the bag, noticing first baseman Anthony Rizzo had abandoned first to cover home.

Chatwood should have thrown to second to keep the rundown alive.

Cain credited Royals first base coach Rusty Kuntz for his brilliance on  the basepaths.

“I heard him yelling, ‘All the way back! All the way back!’ He was yelling at me, pointing at the bag,” Yelich said following a 4-0 win. “I just kept running hard and got there. That’s a really smart play. He said it’s something he’s practiced before, which is unbelievable. I guess if you think about it, it happens a lot. There’s a lot of throws in a rundown. Things kind of get chaotic and you can lose track of the bases sometimes.

“It was a great job on his part. He choreographed the whole thing, really.”

Heads-up baseball: Some teams have it, some teams are the Mets.