The Los Angeles Chargers Go Through 4 Different Logos in 2 Days

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: @Chargers.)

Soon after the San Diego Chargers became the Los Angeles Chargers, it appeared the team would also be getting a new (or, if you're remotely conscious of the Los Angeles Dodgers, old) look in addition to a change of address.

The team's Twitter and Instragram accounts were newly adorned with this logo on Thursday.


Following a thorough roasting from the far reaches of the internet, it seemed as though the team surrendered to public opinion when, a day later, they altered the colors of the same logo to the classic Chargers colors, powder blue and gold.

It was an enormous upgrade.


Then, hours later on Friday night, their Twitter and Instagram avatars changed again—to the old San Diego logo with "Los Angeles" in the old locale's place.


Making that three logo changes—and four total logos—in a span of 36 hours.

According to several reports, the LA/lightning smybol was never the team's "official" logo. But that doesn't mean the Chargers weren't floating the new ideas out there and making decisions based on how they were received.

So if that is what they're doing: For the record I think the second logo above is actually pretty killer.

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