Los Angeles Rams Fans Taunt LeBron James: ‘Kobe! Kobe! Kobe!’

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

LeBron James loves him some football.

The Cleveland Cavaliers superstar was a stud wideout in high school, earning all-state honors in his sophomore year before hanging up the cleats after his junior season to focus on hoops, and he recently appeared simultaneously in Cleveland Browns fans' dreams and a 'Madden 17' create-a-player as the team's quarterback.

So it's no surprise he wanted to be at the first Los Angeles Rams home game in the city since 1994.

But Rams fans gave the three-time NBA champ gave him a rude weclome, chanting at him the name of their own city's famed basketball legend: Kobe Bryant.

And with good reason: the Rams didn't have a whole lot to cheer for after one week of football after the team got blown out 28-0 by the Blaine Gabbert-helmed San Francisco 49ers, so it makes sense that they fall back on happier sports memories.

As of this writing the Rams are actually up on the Seattle Seahawks 6-3 at halftime. It's good that they're up, but it's probably not so good that they've scored six points through three halves of football this year.

James' hometown team the Browns aren't doing so hot, either, dropping to 0-2 after a loss to the Baltimore Ravens. But considering this summer's events, it's hard to imagine James caring much.

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