A Lot of Seahawks Players Think Marshawn Lynch Won’t Retire


(Photo: Getty)

It’s been almost a week since Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch announced his retirement in the most Marshawn Lynch way ever—tweeting a picture during the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl of football cleats hanging up.

But before you officially toggle Beast Mode to the "off" position, let’s make sure he’s serious first.

Marshawn has always been kind of a weird guy. This is the same dude who started laughing after Malcolm Butler’s game-winning interception in the Super Bowl last year. So it probably comes as no surprise that some of his teammates aren’t taking his retirement very seriously, according to Bleacher Report’s Jason Cole on “Insider Buzz.”

“Numerous players from the Seattle Seahawks have some doubts about whether Lynch is actually going to follow through on his decision to retire,” Cole reported. “Many [players] believe that Lynch will ultimately have a change of heart some time during the offseason. In fact, after missing most of the offseason program, which is what they calculate is going to happen, they expect Lynch will have some interest in playing again.”

So basically Marshawn’s teammates think he’s just doing this to skip offseason workouts. It’s like spending Christmas with your family, but skipping all the bullsh*t Christmas Eve events the night before.

Lynch will turn 30 years old in April—the age where running backs tend to drop off a cliff in terms of performance after taking thousands of hits for eight-plus seasons. Perhaps the Seahawks won’t even want him back, especially since rookie Thomas Rawls looks to be the halfback of the future.

Maybe Marshawn will use this opportunity to close his career with his hometown team, the Oakland Raiders.