Magic Johnson And The Lakers Don’t Think Lonzo Ball’s Jump Shot Needs To Be Fixed

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

More cringeworthy than his dad’s proclamations of greatness and his own rap lyrics? Lonzo Ball’s jump shot.

This bastardization of a shooting form is putrid enough to give onlookers an unpleasant reminder of their last meal.

While the Los Angeles Lakers rookie shot it well in college, connecting on 41.2 percent of his three balls on more than five attempts per game, his shooting numbers in the pros are equally as ugly as the jump shot itself—he only recently got his field goal percentage from the field above 30 percent, at 31.3. He’s made 25 percent of his three-pointers through the first 14 games of his career.

Still, Lakers president Magic Johnson doesn’t see the need to rework Lonzo Ball’s jump shot … yet.

“I think it’s a fine line because what you have to do is first, he’s been shooting that way his whole life,” Magic told Mike & Mike on Monday. “So what we wanted to do is let him play his game. Let him shoot the way he’s been shooting and hopefully they’ll go in. And so, we’re not gonna mess with it. We’re gonna let him shoot and play his game. If after the season, and he’s not shooting well, then we’ll sit down with him and say, ‘Hey, let’s maybe look at different way or let’s try to improve the way you are shooting.'”

He added: “We can break it down with him, but we don’t want to mess with his shot. He’s proven that he’s knocked that shot down. And we want to encourage him to keep shooting.”

The problem with Lonzo’s jumper, other than its driving Lakers fans to gouge their eyes out with spoons, is that it prevents the rookie from getting it off in certain situations.

Because he drags the ball up on the left side of the body, he can’t avoid defenders getting over screens on that side of his body. The shot also makes it nearly impossible for the rookie to get a shot off while he’s moving to his right, at least in enough time to avoid a recovering defender.

Charles Barkley made this point earlier in the year.

When the guy with this golf swing is criticizing your form on anything, you know you’ve got a serious problem.