Magic Johnson: ‘Showtime’ Lakers Would Sweep the Warriors

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

Not to be outdone by his former coach’s own bold claim, Magic Johnson asserted on Monday that the Golden State Warriors would get swept by an in-their-prime version of the Hall of Fame point guard’s “Showtime”-era Los Angeles Lakers.

Speaking at an American Express event next to former Lakers coach Pat Riley, who on the same night called Magic the greatest player of all time and the would-be victor of a dream one-on-one match between LeBron James and Johnson in their respective primes, the three-time MVP indicated Kevin Durant and Co.—owners of a commanding 2-0 NBA Finals lead on LeBron’s Cleveland Cavaliers—don’t have the necessary size to deal with his time-traveling squad.

Of Magic’s five championship-winning Lakers teams, two featured just one rotation player over 6’9″, and three featured two such players, the lone constant being the 7’2″ Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Need I remind you how large Kevin Durant, a mere small forward, is?

When asked if he agrees with Johnson, the newly minted president of basketball operations for the Lakers, that the ’80s Lakers would sweep his squad, Warriors big man Draymond Green responded with laughter.