Manny Machado Trashes the Red Sox in Rant: ‘I’ve Lost Mad Respect for That Organization’


(Photo: Getty Images)

The Tuesday meeting between the Boston Red Sox and Baltiore Orioles went from heartwarming to heated real quick.

Red Sox fans cheered and applauded when Baltimore center fielder Adam Jones stepped into the box in the first inning, supporting him after at least one Fenway Park attendee shouted racial slurs at him on Monday.

But the fuzzy feelings were over with by the time Manny Machado, the very next batter, stepped in. Red Sox lefty Chris Sale hurled a fastball behind the All-Star’s legs, and Machado took exception.

Earlier this season, the Red Sox and Orioles beefed after Machado slid into second base and spiked second baseman Dustin Pedroia. Machado claims the spiking was unintentional, and replays appear to confirm that. This wasn’t the first time Boston had thrown at Machado this season.

Still, Sale apparently wasn’t ready to let the incident go. So Machado sounded off on the ace and the Red Sox after the game:

(Expletive) bullshit. (Expletive) bullshit coward stuff. That’s stuff that you don’t (expletive) do. But I’m not on that side, I’m not in that organization. They’re still thinking that the slide that I did when I had no intention of hurting anybody. And I’m still trying to get hit at. Thrown at my (expletive) head. (Expletive) thrown at everywhere. It’s (expletive) bullshit. I’ve lost mad respect for that organization, for that coaching staff, for everyone over there.

If you’re going to (expletive) hit me, go ahead, (expletive) hit me. You know, don’t let (expletive) keep lingering around and (expletive) around. Keep (expletive) trying to hit people. That’s (expletive) bull.

MLB should do something about it. (Expletive) pitchers go out there with their (expletive) balls in their hand and throwing 100 mph trying to hit people. I got a (expletive) bat too. I can go up there and crush somebody if I wanted to, but you know what, I’ll get suspended for the year and the pitcher will only get suspended for two games.

That’s not cool. That’s not cool.

After being informed of Machado’s comments, Sale was unapologetic.

“Whatever, man. I’m not losing sleep tonight,” Sale said.

Though his team lost 5-2, Machado did manage to exact revenge on the 28-year-old fireballer, in the form of a mammoth home run that exited the premises.

It was the second time he’d launched a ball out of Fenway in as many days.