Manu Ginobili Scores And The Refs Don’t Notice

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

Manu Ginobili dropped 12 points on the New York Knicks on Tuesday night, and three of those points came effortlessly. As in, the San Antonio Spurs legend wasn’t even trying to score when a toss from beyond the three-point line happened to fall into the bucket.

Late in the third quarter of his Spurs’ 100-91 victory over New York, Ginobili attempted to lob a pass to LaMarcus Aldridge over a fronting Doug McDermott.

A little too much on the pass, and it wound up falling through the hoop—a fact the officials on hand apparently missed.

Knicks forward Michael Beasley also didn’t realize what’d happened, as he grabbed the ball and began his journey to the offensive side of the floor—that, or the former No. 2 overall pick executed a savvy move to fool the officials out of a Spurs basket, and it almost worked.

After much lambasting from Gregg Popovich

… officials would confer and count the bucket.

“Been working on it for a long time. I finally was able to take it,” a joking Ginobili said after the victory. “I just threw it up because [Aldridge] was being fronted. I had to do it quick because he was there for a couple seconds and I guess I threw it too hard.

“It worked perfectly. It went so clean that nobody saw it because once you make a shot like that, you want it to count. So yeah it was very awkward. Common sense I guess. The referees reviewed it.

“Whoever got the ball from the Knicks was pretty good pretending it didn’t go in.”