Manute Bol’s 17-Year-Old Son Bol Bol Is a Huge, Nasty NBA Prospect

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Youtube.)

Manute Bol played 653 NBA games between the regular season and playoffs for the Philadelphia 76ers, Washington Bullets, Golden State Warriors, and Miami Heat.

And already, his 17-year-old son Bol Bol might be more skilled on the hardwood.

The 7'7" Manute was one of the most prolific shot blockers of all time—his career block percentage of 10.2 percent opponent shots would easily be the best of all time had he exceeded the arbitrary 15,000 minutes requirement (Shawn Bradley has the "best," at 7.83 percent)—but the Sudanese center offered little else, shooting a miserable-for-a-giant 40.7 percent from the field.

Though there was that one time he made six threes in a half.

Anyway, it looks like Manute's son, Bol, might flourish even more in the NBA.

The 17-year-old seven-footer just transferred to California's Mater Dei for his junior season. In his debut, Bol banged home 21 points and snagged 10 rebounds in just 17 minutes.

Something as simple as that spin-and-dribble at the 1:10 might have given Bol's dad trouble in the pros, a good indicator that the son has a chance to outshine his father at the highest level.

Bol is ranked somewhere in the 10 to 20 range in the class of 2018 by most pundits. He has already received offers from at least five colleges, including powerhouses Kansas and Arizona.