Marcin Gortat: John Wall Is Going To “Torture” Lonzo Ball

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

After his very first NBA game, Lonzo Ball was told he could thank his father for the extra effort point guards would be putting into shutting the Los Angeles Lakers rookie down.

According to Washington Wizards center Marcin Gortat, Lonzo can expect more of the same from Wiz point guard John Wall when the teams meet on Wednesday.

On Monday, Lonzo’s attention-whore father LaVar Ball guaranteed a Lakers victory over Washington.

“Washington coming in here Wednesday?” LaVar asked “They better beware, ’cause Lonzo ain’t losing again. Not in the same week!”

Gortat found the proclamation hilarious, and responded in kind.

Days earlier, Wall told the Wizards Tipoff podcast that LaVar has inspired NBA point guards to make the game particularly hard for Lonzo, but added that it’s not the Lakers rookie’s fault:

I think his dad put him in a situation where guys are going to target him. Lonzo is one of those kids that is very talented. He’s been a good player for years, he just don’t say much. I think his dad does all the talking for him. … He’s a great kid from what I’ve seen on the outside looking in. A lot of people in this league are going to take it personally. It’s not the son’s fault. He went back and had a better game [vs. the Suns]. That’s all he’s gotta do is go out there and play. He’s not gonna do any talking anyways. If he gets killed or don’t get killed or kills somebody, he’s not going to be the guy talking.

In his NBA debut, all-world defender Patrick Beverley annihilated Lonzo, then warned him about how his father’s antics would affect his first year in the league.

“I just had to set the tone, man,” the Los Angeles Clippers point guard said after a dominating win. “I told him after the game man, [that] due to all the riffraff his dad brings, he’s going to get a lot of people coming at him. He has to be ready for that, and I let him know after the game. What a better way to start off, just 94 feet guarding him tonight, welcome … his little, young [rear end] to the NBA.”

In his next two contests, Lonzo stuffed the stat sheet. Through the first three contests of his career, he’s putting up big numbers across the board—13.3 points, 9.3 rebounds, 8.7 assists—but has been inefficient, shooting a minuscule 34.8 percent from the field and 29.4 percent from three to go with 3.7 turnovers a game.