Marcus Cooper Celebrates Touchdown After Blocked Field Goal Too Early, Looks Like An Idiot

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

Marcus Cooper has apparently never watched Super Bowl XXVII.

Or DeSean Jackson lowlight reels.

The Chicago Bears cornerback and special teamer made a mad dash for the end zone as time expired in the first half on Sunday after his team blocked a Pittsburgh Steelers field goal attempt.

But he needed to keep that dash going for about five more yards than he actually ran before pulling up.

Whether he was celebrating prematurely or wasn’t aware that he hadn’t yet made it to the end zone, this happened.

Steelers tight end Vance McDonald sprinted back to jar the ball loose on the one-yard line.

The play set off an interesting chain of events.

Especially because holder Jordan Berry unwisely batted the ball out of the back of the end zone and was penalized. The Bears then got a free play from the half-yard line, because the penalty was enforced at half the distance to the goal from the spot of the fumble.

But they screwed that up. Offensive tackle Charles Leno committed a false start, pushing the ball back five yards and forcing the Bears to kick. The mishaps of Cooper and Leno cost the team four points.

Thankfully, that was more than enough. The Bears recovered a whopping five fumbles en route to a 23-17 upset of Pittsburgh.

The blunder places Cooper in the Premature Celebration Hall of Fame, joining the likes of Leon Lett …

… DeSean Jackson ….

… DeSean Jackson again …

… Ray-Ray McCloud …

… Tanguy Pepiot …

Stephen Curry

… and the granddaddy of all premature celebrators, Nick Young. 

You’re in good company, Marcus Cooper.