Marcus Mariota Flies 23 Yards into the End Zone, Destroys Pylon Cam

Bradley Whitaker
(Photo: Getty)

Remember Marcus Mariota’s explosive touchdown runs at Oregon? One of those plays made an appearance in the NFL.

In a low-scoring affair midway through the third quarter, Mariota showed off his incredible speed on a 23-yard touchdown run, capped off with a dive into the pylon.

Mariota’s run gave the Titans a 13-9 lead.

Have you ever asked why the NFL put those silly little cameras inside the end zone pylons? Well, this is why:

The only thing cooler than diving into the pylon for a touchdown is watching it from the pylon’s perspective. That’s gotta hurt! That poor pylon is going to need that surgery Ronda Rousey had after her recent fight.

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