Marcus Peters Loses His Mind, Throws Ref’s Flag Into The Stands, And Ejects Himself

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

Kansas City Chiefs cornerback Marcus Peters lost his mind late in his team’s game on Sunday—something that tends to happen when a squad once bound for the playoffs falls to the lowly New York Jets.

As the Jets failed to score on a two-point conversion with 2:15 left, Peters’ teammate Steven Nelson was whistled for holding, giving the Jets another crack at going up 38-31 late, which sent Peters off.

He was whistled for unsportsmanlike conduct, but made one lucky Jets fan’s night.

Which is better than he treated his hometown fans back in early October.

For good reason, Peters assumed he’d been ejected and left the field.

Except he hadn’t been. Peters then returned to the field, sans socks.

“That’s why he left the field,” said Chiefs head coach Andy Reid after the game. “I don’t know what was said to him or not said to him. But he thought he was (ejected). That’s why he came back out.”

Despite the return of the bare-shinned Peters, the Chiefs could not pull out a victory against New York, who’d punch in the conversion on the next attempt and hold on for the victory.

After an impressive 5-0 start that included wins over the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles, they’ve lost six of their last seven, including defeats to both embarrassing New York squads.