Mariners Forget How To Baseball, Commit 5 Errors In First Inning Of Loss To Yankees

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

Andrew Albers’ first start in Yankee Stadium started well enough, inducing an Aaron Hicks pop-up in the bottom of the first after his Seattle Mariners opened a 1-0 lead in the first half of the frame.

Then the Mariners lost their way.

The defense behind Albers combined for an incredible five errors before the 31-year-old could get two more outs. Three of those screw-ups came from shortstop Jean Segura—two of them on the same play.

And all five were of the embarrassing, Bad News Bears variety—from the ball skidding under the glove of left fielder Ben Gamel, to third baseman Kyle Seager bobbling the ball while overcome with indecision, to a pop-up falling innocently between a trio of guys paid millions to catch that sort of thing.

“There were a lot of unforced errors,” Mariners manager Scott Servais said after his team fell 10-1. “Defense? Obviously we weren’t ready to get after it in the first inning. You make five errors against a quality club, there is no way to overcome that. … It was obviously the worst inning we’ve had all year. Embarrassing.”

The last shortstop to commit three errors in one inning was on the field too, but for the opposing side—New York Yankees second baseman did so as a member of the Chicago Cubs in April 2011.

Segura disputed at least one of the errors assigned to him.

“[Center fielder Guillermo Heredia] called it,” Segura said. “I don’t know why they gave the error to me. As soon as I heard him say, ‘I got it,’ I froze. I don’t know what the situation was there. If he doesn’t call it, I would keep going on the pop up.”

It’s hard not to wonder if the team was up late the night prior, enjoying a fight.