Markelle Fultz Can’t Shoot A Free Throw But He Can Shoot Backward From 90 Feet Away

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Twitter)

Finally, a Markelle Fultz shooting video that doesn’t end in utter embarrassment.

Ever since he succumbed to a shoulder injury under mysterious circumstances earlier this season, blurry, distant videos of Fultz launching jumpers that seem to have at least five separate stages have danced around the internet, taunting Philadelphia 76ers fans while Jayson Tatum, drafted by the Boston Celtics at No. 3 after the teams had swapped picks with an extra first-rounder going Boston’s way, tears up the hardwood.

But Fultz may have found the cure to his shooting woes—apparently, all he has to do is step back another 60 or 70 feet, turn around, and heave the ball over his back.

The impressive swish bomb wasn’t enough to deter amateur internet comedians from roasting him, however.

As always, there’s still no timeline for Fultz’ return.