Markieff Morris Ejected for Going All Draymond Green on Mason Plumlee

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Twitter.)

An NBA player finally got kicked out of a game for kicking an opponent in the nuts this season

And, amazingly, it wasn't noted testicle terminator Draymond Green.

Yes, despite doing this, this, and this just in this season alone (and a whole mess of ball bashing in last year's playoffs), the first guy to get ejected from an NBA game for taking a foot to an opponent is Washington Wizards power forward Markieff Morris, who flailed his legs a la Green and caught newly acquired Denver Nuggets big man Mason Plumlee right in his plums.

Much unlike the Golden State Warriors power forward, however, Morris apologized before he was escorted off the court thanks to an assessed flagrant 2 foul.

“I saw the video when I came back here, but I mean, he attacked the ball so hard," Morris said of Plumlee after a 123-113 victory. "His force coming down on the ball made me come up. That’s how it happened. I didn’t know I kicked him in the nuts.”

The six-year veteran then referred to Green, though not by name, when asked about a possible suspension.

“They better not suspend me for that bull—-,” Morris said. “He got a track record of doing [stuff] like that. I didn’t know that [stuff] happened until I got kicked out of the game. I just saw [Plumlee] down.”

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