Markieff Morris: Paul Millsap Is a ‘Crybaby’


(Photo: Getty Images)

The heat on the simmering beef materializing between Markieff Morris and Paul Millsap got turned up even more following the Atlanta Hawks' victory over Morris' Washington Wizards in Game 3 of the teams' first-round playoff series.

Morris was once again on the offensive, calling Millsap a "crybaby" after the Hawks cut the series deficit to 2-1.

"Me, as a man, you take your wins with your losses," said the outspoken Morris, who scored nine points on 4-of-14 shooting. "I take my wins with my losses all the time. He just did more for his team. He's a crybaby. You get all the calls when you're a crybaby. That's how I look at it."

When this was reported back to Millsap, he and point guard Dennis Schroeder had a laugh, according to ESPN:

Teammate Dennis Schroder, who was seated beside Millsap, groaned when he heard Morris' comment, put his head in his hand and mumbled, "Oh my gosh, no. Oh, Paul."

"It definitely got personal now, yes," Millsap replied with a laugh. "I don't care, so what. Take his loss and go back to the hotel, be ready for the next game."

After Game 1, a 114-107 Wizards victory that included 47 total team fouls, Millsap said Washington was "playing MMA."

"The difference in the game was we were playing basketball and they were playing MMA," he said, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. "They were physical. When the game is like that, we have to match their physicality. But again, we've got to go get some moves and bring them back to the court."

Ahead of Game 2, Morris told the Washington Post, "I guess if that's MMA, then what we do next might be double MMA."

The Wizards took that contest as well. It included 55 personal fouls, 29 from Washington.