Marshawn Lynch Puts to Bed Any Notion of Making a Return

Bradley Whitaker
(Photo: Getty)

Despite various reports that former Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch was considering a return to the field in 2016, it sounds like the 30-year-old is serious about hanging up his cleats.

In his first public appearance since announcing his retirement, Marshawn went on Showtime’s 60 Minutes Sports and shared exactly how he felt about making a return, even addressing the rumors about him potentially joining the Oakland Raiders, who could use a solid power back.

Not only did Marshawn sound like he was really done, he seemed a bit irritated about having to explain himself. But after dominating for nine seasons and making enough money to feed his grandchildren’s children Skittles for life, you can’t blame him for calling it quits in a grind-it-out sport like football.

After seeing his production deteriorate and his regular season cut short in 2015, a return would be very difficult at this point for Marshawn. Remember, 30 years is old by running back standards. They get beat on more than most positions, not just in games, but also in practice every day.

If Lynch really is done (I’m not going to question him at this point), he’ll finish with 9,112 career yards rushing, which is astounding in nine years of play, especially since he only had 417 yards this past season.

Marshawn, you will be missed.

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