Martellus Bennett on Working With Brady and Jimmy G: ‘I’ve Dated 2 Girls at the Same Time Before’

Bradley Whitaker
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The New England Patriots look even scarier on the offensive end than they did last year. The acquisition of tight end Martellus Bennett adds a terrifying No. 2 option midfield that will only help players like Rob Gronkowski and Julian Edelman. But that offense may be a bit handicapped the first four games of the season.

Bennett has a lot to learn over the next few weeks, not just because he has to learn a new system. Tom Brady’s suspension means he’ll have to work with two quarterbacks during the preseason and make a big adjustment in Week 5 when Jimmy Garoppolo reverts to his backup role.

But the former Pro Bowler claims he has the experience to get the job done:

He continued with the relationship analogies:

You couldn’t have asked for a better personality to play alongside Gronk.

Both players are hard at work making each other better:

Garoppolo should be happy he has these two weapons on his side. That’s a blessing no quarterback in the league seems to have. If he wants to earn a starting a job outside of New England, he’s in a strong position to perform and up his value.

Side Note: Don't ask Bill Belichick hypothetical questions about Tom Brady losing his job:

"Jesus Christ."

I'm all for free speech, but that reporter should be banned from talking at press conferences for now on.

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