Umps Offer Pathetic Explanation Of Embarrassing Ejection Of Anthony Rendon

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

On Saturday, 28,952 fans packed into Nationals Park not to watch the home team take on the division rival New York Mets, but to watch home plate umpire Marty Foster needlessly ring up Anthony Rendon — or so Marty Foster apparently thought.

After Mets starter Steven Matz struck Rendon out to end the third inning, Foster tossed the third baseman out for … doing and saying nothing?

An ejection of arguing Nats manager Davey Martinez soon followed.

Even the Mets’ broadcast team took the side of Washington — who were boned even worse by umpires last season.

After the game, a 3-2 Mets win, crew chief Joe West offered just the dumbest explanation of the ejection: Rendon had wasted an indiscernible amount of time between pitches, so Foster decided to waste much more time by throwing two rightfully upset participants out.

“The pitch prior to the strikeout, he walked completely out of the hitter’s circle, which the hitters aren’t allowed to do. Marty [Foster] said, ‘We got to play. You got to get back in there.’ Then when he called strike three, he threw the bat. You have some options there, and Marty felt that what he did was showing him up worse than an equipment violation would have been, and that’s why he ejected him. You have to do something or he loses all respect from the players. I understand that he could have [not done anything], but he chose that this was the penalty for what he did. So it was more involved than just strikeout, throwing equipment.”

By this logic, if Rendon’s taking five extra seconds cost him two-thirds of a game, Foster’s wasting 90 seconds with his baseless ejections should should land him a 12-game suspension.