Matt Serra Showed Why Drunk Idiots Shouldn’t Mess With UFC Hall Of Famers

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

Matt Serra went 6-1 in Las Vegas in his UFC career. 

The UFC Hall of Famer retired in 2013, three years after his last fight, but he had one more battle in Sin City this week.

With an apparently drunk dumbass.

Serra posted a video of the man in question tending to a passed-out female friend in a restaurant.


Weekend At Bernie’s 3 😜

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It’s not entirely clear what happened between that post and Serra’s next one, in which Serra pins the man while the idiot belligerently threatens one of the two humans on the planet to have bested Georges St-Pierre.

Serra appears to have controlled the incident with as little violence as possible. Which is a shame, as the situation seems ripe for an old-fashioned “Why are you hitting yourself?” Or at least a slap in the face with the flip-flop our dumb-dumb dared to wear to an indoor restaurant.

Picking fights with MMA fighters rarely ends well for civilians. Last year, a world champion weight lifter was killed by an MMA fighter in a street fight over whose sport is better.

And something — mostly his physique — tells me our idiot isn’t a professional athlete.