Max Holloway Savagely Roasts “King Of Chicken” Conor McGregor

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

As someone who’s already had one UFC title stripped, with a second on the way, Conor McGregor sure picked an interesting product to sponsor: chicken.

Spicy chicken, that is, between what Burger King continues to insist are buns.

As unfortunate as the promotional pairing of a fight-dodging fighter and a chicken sandwich is, its release came at an even more unfortunate time — hours after McGregor’s getting into a Twitter spat with Max Holloway, who in June 2017 claimed the UFC featherweight title after McGregor “vacated” it and who had to pull out of a UFC 222 bout with Frankie Edgar due to injury.

Once McGregor’s promotional tweets went out, it was open season for Holloway. He dubbed McGregor the “King of Chicken,” and came up with a brilliant meal to roast the current lightweight champ over his getting stripped of a belt due to inactivity for the second time in his career: the “Two Strips Meal.”

McGregor and Holloway have fought before, with the Irishman claiming victory in 2013. But Holloway was far younger, 21 to 25, and inexperienced. Since that fight weakened his record to 3-3 in the UFC, he’s rattled off 12 consecutive wins to ascend to the top of his weight class.