Pitcher Who Can’t Feel His Fingers Walks 3 Straight For Walk-Off Loss, Because Mets

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

The fingers of New York Mets reliever Hansel Robles went numb at a bad time on Thursday—while he was pitching the ninth inning of a tie game against the Colorado Rockies.

But he didn’t tell anyone.

“I was already out there,” Robles said after the game. “I wanted to just get through the inning.”

He didn’t. After pitching a perfect eighth inning, Robles hit the first batter he faced in the bottom of the ninth, catcher Jonathan Lucroy.

“After he drilled me he kind of lost it,” Lucroy said. “When you see a guy going like that you’ve got to be patient in the box and a lot of times they beat themselves, and that’s what he did.”

After a sacrifice, Robles intentionally walked Charlie Blackmon then unintentionally walked D.J. LeMahieu and Nolan Arenado to lose, 5-4.

After getting ahead 0-2, the fourth ball to Arenado wasn’t even close.

“I felt good at the beginning as the pitches started coming out,” Robles said. “Then later on as I kept throwing more, I didn’t feel one hundred percent any more, I felt that my hand wasn’t feeling quite right, I was feeling some pain.

“I feel like a little bit of numbness; I couldn’t really feel the ball.”

After the loss, the loss of feeling in Robles’ fingers was news to his catcher.

“That’s strange, I didn’t notice anything,” said Travis d’Arnaud. “The last pitch, he just tried to go down-and-away and I don’t know if it slipped out of his hand or just wasn’t able to locate it. The last few hitters, he just couldn’t locate his fastball.”

To make the day even worse for Robles, an inning earlier he suffered “pinched genitals” and required a visit from the Mets’ trainer.

The 26-year-old Mets right-hander said the ailments were unrelated.

“The eighth inning was different,” Robles said.

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