Noah Syndergaard Bobblehead Has What Looks Like a Penis on It, Because Mets

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

Because no bobblehead doll in history has actually looked like its subject, the New York Mets went the extra mile to make sure you’d recognize their latest effort as ace Noah Syndergaard, by dressing the gigantic blond hurler’s doll like the inspiration for his nickname—Thor, the Norse god and Marvel Comics superhero.

Anyone hoping the erection of this bobblehead wouldn’t cause the team further embarrassment than this season already has got the shaft, however, because it sure looks like someone stuck a penis onto the figurine.

Like the real Thor, the Syndergaard toy is adorned with a helmet and a cape, but his hammer, Mjolnir, features a rather phallic handle.

Accidental penis appearances is apparently a Mets tradition, and it doesn’t seem like it’ll peter out any time soon.

Back in May, the team tweeted a locker room photo that included a dildo in catcher Kevin Plawecki’s locker.

Five years ago, after Johan Santana pitched the team’s first ever (and so far only) no-hitter, SNY accidentally broadcast a still-unknown players dong during an interview with R.A. Dickey.

If you want your own Thor bobblehead, complete with penis handle, go to Citi Field to watch the Mets host the Oakland A’s on Saturday.

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