Mexicans Parading South Koreans Around Like Royalty Is The Moment Of The World Cup

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

Until Wednesday, Mexico and South Korea were enemies, standing in each other’s way of advancing out of Group F in the World Cup.

On Wednesday, however, they needed each other’s help.

Mexico couldn’t come through for the Koreans, falling 3-0 to Sweden in their final match of group play. This set El Tri up for elimination: A German victory over Korea would have knocked Mexico out in spite of a 2-1 record.

But despite their underdog status against the defending champions, the Koreans pulled out a 2-0 upset to eliminate Germany.

The long odds and Mexican fans’ reactions to South Korea’s victory made it, so far, the defining moment of the 2018 World Cup.

Because, around the world, Mexicans found Koreans to parade around like royalty.

Here it is happening in Russia.

And back in Mexico, of course.

I’d like to say that this — two nations that share relatively little contact coming together to celebrate soccer — is what FIFA has in mind when they slap the tournament together every year, but it’s not.

Still, it’s a hell of a moment, and the most memorable one of the event thus far.