Miami Heat Might Rock These ‘Miami Vice’ Jerseys Next Season

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Imgur/reddit)

Miami Heat owner Micky Arison has done something few NBA honchos would—taken a good fan suggestion seriously.

A few days ago, reddit user NeotericPioneer posited a brilliant idea:

So an idea popped into my head the other day that the Miami Heat could have a series of games (or just one) called Vice Nights kind of like Latin Nights which has become a regular tribute among many teams in the NBA for its Hispanic communities. Vice Nights, of course, comes from the popular 80s TV show, Miami Vice. The Heat did something similar to this a few years ago but I thought it would be a fun idea to take a step further and make a jersey, poster, and a few special alternate logos. Enjoy!

Here's what Mr. Pioneer came up with.



Fellow redditor WelshNBAFan had a crack at Vice Nights.




Imgur.Now, I highly doubt Arison was (like me) scouring reddit's various NBA outlets and teeming with delight when arriving at this concept. But an idea this good has a way of finding a path to even the most out of touch billionaires. And when it did, Micky took action.

He posted this proposition to NBA fans on Instagram.

Who in their '80s-hating mind could say no?

Which brings us to an even more important question—how can we get Arison to make this the team's official color scheme?

What do you think, Crockett and Tubbs?