Michael Irvin Trashes All Offensive Linemen: “It’s As Easy As Anything”

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

It would be unwise to piss off the most massive individuals the NFL has to offer. But no one ever accused Michael Irvin of having wisdom to spare.

The former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver made enemies out of offensive linemen around the world during ESPN‘s NFL Sunday Countdown, going on a rant about how easy he believes their job to be.

“I know you guys talk about these offensive linemen being athletes and all that. I always say this to the kids that I coach. You’re playing offensive line, it’s as easy as anything. You’re 300 pounds, he’s 300 pounds. Stay in front of him for three seconds, and you when day can get $300 million. Don’t tell me about this being some athletic situation. … It’s not like playing wide receiver.”

Notice how former quarterback Kurt Warner and former running back Marshall Faulk, who unlike wideouts depended on their linemen for protection from being maimed, don’t chime in to agree.

One thing that’s definitely easier than pass blocking: not getting arrested multiple times with drugs in one’s possession. It’s not like playing wide receiver.