Michael Irvin Used to Get Naked and Taunt Rookies During Film Sessions

Bradley Whitaker
(Photo: Getty)

There’s a reason the Dallas Cowboys won three Super Bowl titles during the '90s.

Hall of Fame wide receiver Michael Irvin played a significant role for the Cowboys during that era. There is no way Dallas could have achieved the same kind of success without Irving’s contributions on the field. But are his contributions off the field overlooked?

Irvin certainly enhanced the competitive culture in the locker room, at least according to safety Darren Woodson (who is a Hall of Fame snub in my opinion).

Woodson made a recent appearance on ESPN Radio show Russillo & Kanell to talk college football and his days with America’s Team. When Irvin was brought up, Woodson told a story from his rookie season that perfectly exemplifies how competitive (and weird) Irvin truly is.

If I were a player for the Cowboys, there is no way in hell that wouldn’t have haunted my nightmares for years. Butt naked Michael Irvin screaming in my rookie face telling me he’s going to “absolutely kill” me. Yeah, I would have asked to be traded to Jacksonville.

Hopefully Irvin doesn’t do that to the NFL Network broadcasting team.