Watch Michael Jordan vs. LeBron James In A Game Of 5-On-5

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

Scottie Pippen is apparently unwilling to settle the Michael Jordan vs. LeBron James debate, so the trio of Xbox, 2k Games, and the Ringer joined forces in an attempt to settle the age-old deliberation through the magic of video games.

They simulated a game between a Chicago Bulls team with five Michael Jordans and a Cleveland Cavaliers squad with five LeBron Jameses.

Just five of each though, meaning the teams’ respective modern-day rosters came into play

Thanks to foul trouble, Robin Lopez saw five minutes of blow for Chicago and Tristan Thompson gave Team LeBron four minutes.

Here are the full-game highlights.

Obviously, we can’t know if this is how an actual Michael Jordan vs. LeBron James five-on-five matchup would turn out, but it might not be all that far off.

After all, LeBron said himself the “NBA 2K” team does “a good job” re-creating him in video game form.

He also said he used the video game to prepare for the impending arrival of then-injured Cavaliers guard Isaiah Thomas.

“Seriously, I’ve said this before. I play a lot of ‘NBA 2K’ and it’s the most realistic basketball game out there that you could ever play,” LeBron said back in December. “I mix and match a lot of lineup changes and things of that nature to see how we can be really good.”

If the video game Cavs’ integration of Thomas went smoothly, however, then maybe we should throw any of the game’s prognoses out the window.