This Might Be the Most Cleveland Browns Play We’ve Ever Seen

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

The Cleveland Browns really haven't been as bad as their record would indicate this season.

Three of their four opening-season losses came down to the end of the fourth quarter, and they've been the victims of a pair of indefensibly terrible calls in two of those.

I'm not saying they should be leading the AFC North or anything, but they could have just as well come away with a win, maybe even two.

But against the New England Patriots in Tom Brady's Week 5 return, Cleveland reminded us exactly of their perennial laughingstock ways—in just one play.

With under two minutes remaining in the opening quarter, quarterback Cody Kessler dropped back from his own 4-yard line, then this happened …

Sack? Check. Fumble? Check. Ball unintentionally thrown out of the back of their own end zone? Check. Injured (third-string) quarterback? Oh yeah.

That's Dont'a Hightower with the dream-crushing hit.

Charlie Whitehurst is now under center for the Browns, who are getting destroyed 30-7 midway through the third quarter. Thanks to injuries to Robert Griffin, Josh McCown, and Kessler, and some spot duty from Terrelle Pryor, Whitehurst is the fifth guy to play quarterback for the Browns in 2016.