Giancarlo Stanton Had The Most Savage Reaction To Getting Hit By Mike Fiers (Again)

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

Giancarlo Stanton remembers the fateful plate appearance that ended his 2014 season.

How could one forget taking an 88 mph fastball to the face? It’s why he still wears a face mask, a constant reminder that every time he steps in he’s risking getting drilled in the head again.

On Monday, the Yankees slugger once against squared off against the man responsible for that pitch, Mike Fiers.

Fiers hit him again, on the elbow.

With two men on in a tie game, it wasn’t intentional. But you can understand why Stanton wasn’t pleased.

The two exchanged words before Stanton reached first.

The slugger exacted revenge in his next plate appearance, combining a monstrous 456-foot home run with a pronounced bat flip, a staredown, and a point out to Fiers upon Stanton’s return to the dish.

Fiers should have asked Jason Grilli about the 2017 NL MVP’s capacity to hold grudges.

“I think it was kind of childish,” Fiers said after a 4-2 Tigers win in the second game of a doubleheader. “Anybody knows I’m not throwing at him. He’s going to act how he’s going to act. It kind of shows his character, because obviously I wasn’t throwing at him. The pitch was in. If I could throw a pitch anywhere I wanted every time, I’d probably be one of the best pitchers in this game.”

Of course Fiers is entitled to pitch inside. But doing so comes with consequences, like occasionally hitting someone and pissing off 6’6″, 245-pound dinger-mashing machines. Consequences Fiers should be prepared to live with.

Expecting Stanton not to be displeased about getting hit by the same guy who nearly ended his career? Now that is childish.