Military Sergeant Surprises Family at a Nebraska Spring Football Game

Joe Welkie
(Photo: Twitter / Nebraska Football)

College spring football games aren't serious affairs. It's just a chance for the team to get loose, run some plays, take it easy, and put on a show for loyal fans. There are no stakes, and it's really just a glorified practice that's open to the public. But the Nebraska Cornhuskers decided to make their spring game something special that an ordinary practice just wouldn't have.

Military sergeant Matthew Hawke surprised his family during the coin toss by showing up dressed as a Nebraska player. No one could really see who he was, so the surprise was just so juicy. This is the most emotional coin toss you will ever see in the game of football.

What a heartwarming return. Kudos to the Cornhuskers for making this all happen. It's always great when football and family come together perfectly.

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