The Play That Turned Into The Vikings’ Miracle Touchdown Never Worked In Practice

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

In case Stefon Diggs’ miraculous 61-yard touchdown to beat the New Orleans Saints and advance to the NFC Championship Game as time expired wasn’t unlikely enough for you, here’s another degree of amazing to add to one of the most notable moments in Minnesota Vikings history: The play had never worked in practice.

Not once.

This according to fellow wideout Jarius Wright, the primary target on the play.

From the New York Times:

They won a game as time expired, on a play called Seven Heaven, on a deep corner route that Stefon Diggs runs all the time in practice but, according to receiver Jarius Wright, one in which he has never actually caught the ball — let alone turn a 35-yard heave toward a thicket of players into a 61-yard touchdown, nearly losing his balance before dashing untouched into the end zone.

“That’s why it was amazing,” Wright added. “It was meant for us.”

The apparent missing ingredient standing in between a failed play in practice and a historic moment: the epic misplay by Saints rookie Marcus Williams that contributed directly to the touchdown.

“I felt the guy brush past me,” Diggs said. “I took a picture before I turned around to catch the ball. There was only one guy there. If he slipped, I’m going to try to stay up.”

Thanks to Williams and a play that never worked in pratice, Minnesota will one day be overrun with Stefons:

“Craziest ending I’ve ever been a part of out of my 25 years,” running back Jerick McKinnon said in the locker room afterward.

“It’s official,” running back Latavius Murray added. “He said he’s going to name his kid Stefon.”

“Stefon, my first kid is going to be named Stefon,” McKinnon said.

“Mine is going to be Diggs based off of today,” Murray said.

His name will be to Minnesota what Peyton is to Indiana.