MLB Should Ban This Adult Who Brought A Glove And Still Botched Easy Foul Ball

Bryan Brandom

Look, I get it. You want a foul ball. I want a foul ball. We all want foul balls. It’s why kids go to the stadium with a glove in tow.

Some adults want a foul ball so badly they feel compelled to sacrifice one hand to a glove for three straight hours, which is more of a thing when you have actual responsibilities (which is what I call my iPhone).

But if you’re gonna be that guy or that girl who’s willing to suffer that sort of inconvenience so you can have an edge over those competing for errant baseballs in your area, you’d better know how to use it when failing to do so will really bone those sitting around you.

In other words, be nothing like this gloved dolt who had a ball flying straight at him as the San Francisco Giants hosted the Seattle Mariners on Wednesday and still managed to whiff by a good two feet, causing the leather-dodging ball to crash into a fellow patron’s beer and make a mess of her game-day outfit.

Four innings later, glove boy got shown up by this gloveless fan, who saw a foul ball coming his way and casually removed his Giants cap and used it to snare the incoming projectile (skip ahead to the 0:39 mark).

In the end, a stadium employee gave the gloved man’s daughter (we’re assuming) what her uncoordinated dad (and the gaggle of girls sitting next to them) could not: a baseball of her own.

Let’s hope the employee then escorted Dad off the premises.

Oh yeah, the Giants pounded the Mariners, 10-1.