Boston Red Sox Outfielder Mookie Betts Bowls A Perfect Game

Joe Welkie
Mookie Betts bowled a perfect game
(Photo: Mookie Betts bowled a perfect game)

When he is on the field for the Boston Red Sox, he can swing the bat with the best of them, he can cover massive amounts of ground in the outfield, and he is an integral part of the lineup. But during the offseason, he has time to do what he really enjoys: At the World Series of Bowling, Mookie Betts bowled a perfect game.

Yes, the baseball superstar took his talents to the World Series of Bowling and scored his first PBA-recognized perfect game. Betts estimated that he’s probably bowled around 10 perfect games, but who’s counting? It’s not like it’s super rare for a bowler to bowl a perfect game or anything. (Just kidding. It is.)

Here’s a look at Betts’ perfect game. Gaze upon it in all its glory.

In the tournament, Betts placed 144th and averaged a 203 over 10 games. When he entered the tournament two years ago, he averaged a 190, so he’s been improving his game. That’s not bad for a two-time All-Star in the MLB. At least we all know what Betts will be doing when he retires from running around the baseball diamond.

If you are not impressed by this, you are probably a professional bowler or a grade-A jerk.

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