A Mother And Son Competed On The Same MMA Card And The Result Was Brutal

Joe Welkie
mma card
(Photo: mma card)

At the Rizin World Grand Prix 2017, Miyu Yamamoto and her son, Erson Yamamoto, competed on the same MMA card. It’s the first time in history this has ever happened, and the duo was looking to have a good showing for their family name.

Unfortunately, that didn’t happen.

Miyu Yamamoto was performing quite well in her bout. She had control of her opponent, Irene Cabello River, but she soon found herself in an armbar. She thrashed and tried every means of escape, but was forced to tap out eventually.

Manel Kape saw what happened in that fight and let his opponent, Miyu’s son Erson, know that he would soon suffer a similar fate. Kape talked a ton of smack before and during the bout, telling Erson that his mom just lost and he was next. Let’s see if that happened …

Oof. What a brutal loss for the Yamamoto family. Hopefully they will get to compete on the same MMA card again, and will have a better showing. As for now, they looked pretty rough.

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