Mychal Kendricks Was Understandably Pissed To Hear He’s Joining The Browns

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

Ian Rapoport complimented Mychal Kendricks in his recent brief report about the NFL linebacker.

Kendricks, however, didn’t appear to appreciate it.

You’d be pissed too if someone told you you’d be joining the Browns after winning a Super Bowl with the Eagles.

Alas, the Browns’ ineptitude probably isn’t what set Kendricks off; he just disputed Rapoport’s assertion that the sides had agreed to a deal.

But, reportedly, the linebacker wouldn’t be the first Eagles player to shudder at the thought of joining Cleveland this offseason. 

Quarterback Nick Foles allegedly nixed a trade that would have sent him to the Browns, though, like Kendricks, Foles disputed that claim.

The 27-year-old linebacker made 51 tackles in 15 games for Philly last season. In addition to the Browns, he was also connected to the Raiders and Vikings in free agency.

If he’s really not going to Cleveland next season, he should probably tell ESPN,, Yahoo … basically everyone agrees he’s a Browns linebacker.

Just guessing here, but it sounds to me like Kendricks had a deal in place with the Browns, and was using it as leverage to negotiate with other teams. Perhaps Rapoport’s report came out even before Kendricks got word back from his agent.

Either way, it looks like Kendricks is a Brown now. And he’s already come up with the team’s 2018 season rallying cry: “That [beep] is [beep]!”