No. 1 Overall Pick Myles Garrett Is Already Injured, Because Browns


(Photo: Getty Images)

As if Cleveland fans weren’t suffering enough, the end of the NBA season means they have nothing better to do than watch their Cleveland Browns toil.

And with Week 1 of the NFL season still three months away, the Browns have already gotten started, though through fault of their own—No. 1 overall draft pick Myles Garrett left OTAs on Wednesday with an undisclosed foot injury that the Associated Press’ Tom Withers indicated “could be significant.”

After sacking Brock Osweiler in practice, Garrett, a defensive end, went to the ground with his head on the playing surface as trainers tended to him. He was able to limp off to the sidelines.

“That’s part of the game,” said Browns head coach Hue Jackson. “Obviously I don’t want to get any of our players nicked, hurt, any of that. But hopefully things will be fine. We don’t want to lose any player, especially not one of our really good players.

“But hopefully things will be OK, and I think they will be. I don’t know that for sure but we’ll find out as I go inside.” There has yet to be an update on Garrett’s status.

It had been a stellar offseason for the Browns, who thanks to a series of trades held five picks in the first three rounds of the 2017 NFL Draft, and will have just as many in next year’s draft.

But this injury is a reminder that no matter how deft the front office may be, the football gods might never smile upon—or even lift their foot of the neck of—the Browns.