NASCAR Fan With Pit Access Tries To Fight Denny Hamlin

Joe Welkie
Denny Hamlin
(Photo: Denny Hamlin)

Denny Hamlin was lucky to finish the First Data 500 at Martinsville Speedway where he did considering he just kept crashing his car. It’s something no driver wants to happen, but Hamlin had a hard time keeping his vehicle under control for most of the race.

One of the people who suffered the consequences of Hamlin’s lack of control was Chase Elliott. Elliott was bumped out of the playoff race once Hamlin bumped him, causing him to crash out.

Elliott was justifiably heated after the result, and had some intense words with Hamlin.

Not only was Chase Elliott heated, but some of the fans were angry about Hamlin’s actions. One fan even ran into the pit area and got in Hamlin’s face to let him know he was ready to throw down.

Maybe karma will find Hamlin in the end. But for now, he moved on in the NASCAR Cup playoff, and is leaving scorched earth behind him. I don’t think he really cares though, as long as he keeps advancing.