Nate Diaz Just Can’t Help Himself From Fighting For Free

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

Nate Diaz hasn’t fought since UFC 202, when he fell to Conor McGregor in their August 2016 rematch.

That is, he hasn’t taken part in a sanctioned fight.

Because the Stockton native is still fighting plenty, just not in the octagon. This weekend, Diaz got into his second brawl at a low-level MMA event in two months.

Nate Diaz fought for free, again

While supporting some of his jiu-jitsu students at the Fight to Win Pro 77 grappling event in Sacramento, the UFC lightweight and his crew got into it with what the promotion’s CEO, Seth Daniels, described as a “s— talking fan.”

It’s hard to tell from the video, but according to Daniels, Diaz “whooped [the guy’s] ass.”

In May, Diaz got into a skirmish with one-time opponent Clay Guida while both attended a Combate Americas event.

Guida alleged assault, and Diaz is being investigated by police.

If Diaz is so eager to fight, why isn’t he getting paid to do it? He’s reportedly eyeing a return to the ring in August, but, as usual with the UFC, nothing’s set in stone.

“He’s not just looking for Conor,” Diaz’s training partner Jake Shields said in April.

“He’s looking for a fight that makes sense and that’s going to give him a big payday and a lot of hype.”

Translation: This dude’s 33 years old and 19-11 in his career, and he knows his next bout will probably be the last one UFC fans care about.