Nathan Peterman Craps The Bed In First Career Start After Bills’ Odd Quarterback Change

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

When Sean McDermott indicated that his Buffalo Bills would be going with rookie Nathan Peterman at quarterback in Week 11, outsiders figured the head coach had something up his sleeve.

Tyrod Taylor had a miserable Week 10, but had been an unspectacular yet deserving starter since taking the reins of the Bills offense in 2015—and is a player 10 or more teams in the league would kill to start right now.

So for McDermott to bench Taylor for a fifth-round pick with his team in the thick of a playoff hunt, it seemed the coach knew something we didn’t.

He didn’t

Peterman threw 14 passes in the first half. Eleven were caught. But only six were caught by his Bills teammates.

Nathan Peterman was intercepted five times by the Los Angeles Chargers.

Not good, apparently.

Down 37-7 at halftime, he went back to Taylor in the second. The Bills lost 54-24. Taylor went 15-of-25 for a touchdown and no interceptions, and added 38 yards and a score on the ground.