NBA Coaches and Players Select the 5 Dirtiest Players in the League

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: OBSEV / Getty)

Cleveland Cavaliers guard Matthew Dellavedova finally became something of a household name in the 2015 NBA Finals.

Just not for the reasons he'd probably hoped.

The point guard gained a reputation for being a "dirty" player, injuring Atlanta Hawks shooting guard Kyle Korver diving after a loose ball and drawing flagrant fouls on Al Horford and Chicago Bulls big man Taj Gibson.

Not surprisingly, he hasn't ditched that reputation.

A poll conducted by the Los Angeles Times sought to identify the league's dirtiest players. They asked 24 participants and each were allowed to vote more than once.

Dellavedova came in first with 13 points, trailed by Steven Adams (7), Andrew Bogut (5), Matt Barnes (4), and Serge Ibaka (2).

Strangely, the top three vote-getters are from the same corner of the planet: Dellavedova and Bogut are from Australia, and Adams is from New Zealand.

"Wow! Delly and Bogut are both from Australia," said an Eastern Conference player. "How about that! Delly is kind of dirty and he does cross the line. But I don't even think it's even close with Bogut. Dellavedova is a little bit wild and out of control."

Fans from that part of the world have their own opinions as to why the trio were selected as the dirtiest.