Petty, Jealous NBA Coaches Gave Brad Stevens Zero Votes For Coaches’ Award

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

Brad Stevens has a pretty damn legit claim to being the NBA’s best coach.

He just led a team that got 61 total games out of its two biggest stars to the Eastern Conference finals. And that’s one year after transforming Isaiah Thomas into an MVP candidate.

Just don’t tell that to Stevens’ peers.

The National Basketball Coaches Association selected Dwane Casey as their Coach of the Year, which is fine. Casey changed many of his coaching principles to lead the Raptors to the Eastern Conference’s best record.

But what’s not fine is the number of votes the Celtics head coach received: zero.

Eight coaches, including Doc freaking Rivers, received votes.

What could have caused such a blatant, massive oversight?

NBA coaches are petty, whiny babies

In April, ESPN’s Kevin Arnovitz shared the details of a conversation he’d had with an anonymous NBA coach about Stevens.

“Can he just win more than one conference finals game? He’s got a lot of talent,” the coach said, according to Arnovitz’s recollection on “The Lowe Post.” “He’s done well. We all respect him. We all steal from him, and everybody steals from everybody. Can you guys just cool it? If you listen to the intelligentsia and cognoscenti in the league, you have to understand the rest of us are just like, OK. … Look, we all love the guy, but you guys are like (building) a mountain on top of the Washington Monument. Like, OK, enough.”

Ahh, so the reason for Stevens’ omission is a leaguewide case of butt hurt.

I’m not even saying Stevens should win every award for coaching; Gregg Popovich, who should take home the NBA’s Coach of the Year award pretty much every season, carried a team far less talented than the Celtics to 47 wins.

But Stevens — who has few ties to other NBA coaches as he didn’t come from anyone’s coaching tree — should be right up there in the conversation. For him to receive zero votes is a joke that’s exposed coaches’ cliquish childishness.

Fortunately, coaches don’t vote to determine the recipient of the NBA’s official Coach of the Year award. That task falls to members of the news media.