NBA Admits Kevin Durant Fouled LeBron James Over And Over In Deciding Moments


(Photo: Getty Images)

Another year, another Golden State Warriors–Cleveland Cavaliers Christmas matchup decided in part by officials’ hesitance to blow the whistle in a game’s waning moments.

This time, Kevin Durant and the Dubs benefitted from radio silence among referees.

In the NBA’s Last Two Minute Report, the league admitted Durant had fouled LeBron Lames twice as the Cavs star had ventured to the hoop while down three with 25 seconds left—first giving LeBron a shoulder full of forearm, then getting him across the arm on the layup attempt.

The report also indicated Durant had fouled LeBron with 1:12 remaining for body-to-body contact that had gone unwhistled.

This runs contrary to Durant’s assertion that LeBron’s dimensions are too considerable for fouls against him to count: “[LeBron is] too big for that. He’s too big. That ain’t no foul.”

With 33 seconds remaining, according to the league, LeBron also fouled Draymond Green by clamping the Warriors forward’s arms down on a rebound attempt.

Last year, the Cavs bested the Warriors by one on Christmas. Days later, the league revealed Durant had been fouled by Richard Jefferson while attempting to shoot a game-winner, an infraction that’d go unpunished.