Jason Kidd On Lonzo Ball Comparisons: “It’s A Stretch”

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

Lonzo Ball comparisons to Jason Kidd have emanated from armchair scouts and actual scouts alike ever since the tall, pass-first point guard gained attention from college basketball blue bloods while playing for Chino Hills High School in California.

But Kidd, a fellow No. 2 overall pick and now the head coach of the Milwaukee Bucks, thinks NBA pundits should pump the brakes.

“It’s a stretch,” Kidd told First Take on Thursday. “He has to understand what it means to play hard and what it means to win, and how to win at the highest level, and it takes time.”

Still, the future Hall of Famer is optimistic about Ball’s career despite early shooting woes.

“He’s a rookie. Ball’s going to be fine,” Kidd noted. “He’s got a great coach in (Luke) Walton. Understanding it’s going to take a little time, because of all the hype and expectations that everybody thought he was going to come out and set the league on fire. He also has a bull’s eye on his back, and there’s other guys in this league that believe that they’re better. So he has to understand what it means to be prepared and be ready to play on a nightly basis.”

Kidd even complimented Ball on one area of his game that they have in common. 

“He still has a skill set that a lot of guys don’t have in this league, and that’s making his teammates better.”

Yeah, predicting that Ball will have a Hall of Fame career as Kidd did would be crazy.

But comparing their games isn’t. Like Ball, Kidd also entered the league with concerns about his shooting and rave reviews of his passing.

And the early parts of their careers are astonishingly similar.

Throw in the fact that the Bucks coach entered the league as a 21-year-old, a whole year older than the Los Angeles Lakers rookie, and the Lonzo Ball comparisons to Jason Kidd don’t sound like that much of a stretch.